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Brand new Wellisparts webshop

By September 2nd, 2022News

Brand new Wellisparts webshop

Brand new Wellisparts webshop

Wellis has always been proud of the fact that we were able to immediately provide our accessories distributed by the company to our customers via the Wellisparts website. We wanted to refresh the old design a bit, so we are happy to announce, that the webshop has been completely renewed!

What is different about our new website?

  1. Thanks to the new search engines, our products can be found
  2. Easily and simply
  3. Extremely fast
  4. Easily accessible menu items
  5. Technical descriptions, videos, and various instructions are also available on the new interface, which are continuously being uploaded

We would like to thank to our loyal customers for using Wellisparts webshop with a 15% discount coupon, which you can use at the end of your purchase.

Coupon code: Wellisparts-15

Don’t miss out on the discount, our 15% offer is valid until September 30!

Thank you for choosing Wellis!

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