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Choose the Best Hot Tubs with a Smartphone App

By June 20th, 2023Blog

Choose the Best Hot Tubs with a Smartphone App

Choose the Best Hot Tubs with a Smartphone App


In today’s fast-paced world, we control everything from our smartphones. We can set up the washing machine remotely, leave a message for our refrigerator, and of course our hot tub can also be operated from a single gadget. Wellis has several hot tubs with a smartphone app, and it’s very easy to use it whiée you are relaxing. Is it worth spending extra money on this accessory or is it an unnecessary waste? Let’s take a look at its best benefits!


What Can Hot Tubs with a Smartphone App Do?

The smart hot tub is not surprising on the market. Since manufacturers pay attention to people’s needs, a hot tub with a smartphone app is no longer considered a novelty. What advantages does a hot tub that can be controlled from a smartphone offer its users, in contrast to a hot tub with a plain control panel? Hot tubs with smartphone apps offer a range of convenient features and control options. Here are some common capabilities of hot tubs integrated with smartphone apps:

Temperature control

Plus one degree, minus one degree. You don’t need to press any buttons if you want to set the hot tub to the right temperature, just control it from your smartphone. You can adjust the water temperature of your hot tub remotely using the smartphone app. This allows you to preheat the tub before you arrive home or adjust the temperature from the comfort of your home. It’s simple, and you’ll also save money with it!

Jets and pump control

Do you want a stronger massage or a gentle caress? Of course, the jets can also be controlled in the hot tub with a smartphone app. The app enables you to control not only the jets, but the  pump settings as well of your hot tub. You can customize the intensity, direction, and speed of the jets, creating a personalized hydrotherapy experience.

Lighting control

Is your mood red or green today? Do you want stronger or softer lights? Many hot tubs have integrated LED lights that can be controlled through the app. You can change the color, brightness, and patterns of the lights to create ambiance or set the mood.

Filtration and water care

If you have a hot tub with a smartphone app, you don’t need to worry about the chemicals. The app provides access to control the filtration system, allowing you to adjust the filtration cycles, activate the cleaning mode, or receive notifications when the filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Some apps may also offer water chemistry monitoring, providing you with information about pH levels, sanitizer levels, and more. An application that shows you everything!

Energy efficiency

Nowadays, energy efficiency is very important, so if you have a smart hot tub, you must also pay attention to this. You can monitor and adjust the energy settings of your hot tub through the app. This includes scheduling the operating hours, activating energy-saving modes, or receiving energy consumption reports to help optimize energy usage.

Timer and scheduling

There is no better feeling than arriving home to a preheated hot tub waiting for you. The app allows you to set timers and schedules for your hot tub. You can program it to heat up at specific times or activate other features automatically, ensuring that your hot tub is ready whenever you want to use it. All you have to do is to sit in it and relax from the day’s labors.

It’s important to note that the specific features and capabilities of hot tub apps can vary depending on the brand and model of the hot tub you own. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or product specifications to get detailed information about the app features for a specific hot tub model.

Do All Luxury Hot Tubs have Smartphone Apps?


No, not all luxury hot tubs have smartphone apps. While smartphone app integration is becoming more common in modern hot tubs, it is not a universal feature across all luxury hot tub brands and models. The availability of smartphone apps depends on the specific manufacturer and the features they choose to include in their hot tubs. Almost all of the modern versions of hot tubs have smartphone apps, but there are some specifically manufactured ones that are equipped with an old control panel.

Luxury hot tubs often offer a wide range of advanced features and customization options, but the inclusion of a smartphone app may vary. Some high-end hot tubs prioritize other aspects such as design, performance, or unique features over app integration.

If smartphone app control is an important feature for you, it is advisable to research and inquire specifically about app compatibility and availability when considering luxury hot tub options. Manufacturers will typically highlight app integration as one of the selling points if it is available for their particular models. Wellis have several models which includes a smartphone app, so you could find the perfect one just for you and your family!

How to Use Your Wellis Hot Tub App Control

Step 1: Find a spa that is smartphone compatible.

The first step for how to control your hot tub with your phone is to find the right spa. Thankfully, Wellis USA has incredible options that make your choice easy. Check out the Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, and Olympus models from our Peak Line series or the London and Paris models from our CityLine series that come complete with in.touch 2TM smartphone app compatibility.

Whether you are looking for an intimate luxury spa with seating for your family or you need space with double loungers and enough room to seat a crowd, the Peak Line and CityLine series offer all of the best options for your home.

Step 2: Download your hot tub control app and set up your spa.

Once you’ve chosen the Wellis hot tub that is right for you, it’s time to get started on the amazing world of smart spa use. Download your in.touch 2 app from the App or Google Play stores. With iOS and Android compatibility, you can have touch screen convenience right at your fingertips.

Next, configure your in.touch 2 system with your home’s WiFi router. When you choose a spa with in.touch 2, you will receive two receivers. One of them will be preloaded in your spa’s interior. The other will set up easily inside your home. Once this is done and your app is loaded to your phone, you’ll have all the control you could ever want.

Step 3: Enjoy complete control of your hot tub remotely.

Now it’s time to enjoy smart spa ownership. Are you on your way home from being out of town and want a long soak after hours of being in a cramped car? Let your hot tub know that you are on your way and it’s time to get heated up. Does a hard day at work have your neck and shoulders in knots? Power up the jets from your smartphone for a hydromassage that’s unmatched. Whatever your situation, your hot tub can be ready and waiting with water care monitoring, temperature regulation, pump and jet control and so much more.

Hot Tub Maintenance App

Many people use the hot tub smartphone app to keep track of hot tub maintenance. There are many supplements on the market that can help you if you don’t want to forget to add the right chemicals to your water. An example of this is the Wellis W.I.S analyzer.

The Wellis W.I.S. smart water analyzer performs a complete analysis of the water from your spa, including its quality, temperature, and conductivity. This device is very easy to use. At the start of the season, the W.I.S. analyzer should be placed in the water in the spa and then you can track the analysis results via the mobile application. The W.I.S. analyzer is compatible with all hot tub types.

Key features of the WELLIS W.I.S. smart water analyzer:

  • Smart water analyzer for your spa
  • Three removable sensors
  • Personalized recommendations and tips
  • Compatible with all spa types
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable design with IP68 rating
  • WiFi + Bluetooth wireless interface
  • Free W.I.S. mobile app (iOS, Android)
  • Charging via micro USB cable

Wellis Hot Tubs with a Smartphone App

Several Wellis hot tubs also have a smartphone app. Let’s see which are the most popular of them!

Mont Blanc

The Wellis Mont Blanc hot tub’s prestigious dimensions can provide room for the ultimate WellDome™ foot massage system. This hot tub also features 78 chrome-finished adjustable water jets, Aquasoul™ 2.1 audio system, exclusive chromo therapy LED lighting, and lighting waterfall. The best features of the Wellis Mont Blanc hot tub:

  • Smartphone App
  • WPS frame
  • Exlucsive LED lights
  • UV-C sanitizer
  • W-EC circulation pump
  • Audio system
  • Scandinavian insulation
  • Aromatherapy

Our in.touch 2™ is a smart control that can be installed in the hot tub for smart devices Hot tubs equipped with the in.touch 2™ system provide remote access via connection to your home’s Wi-Fi network. After registration, you can easily track all error messages from Wellis hot tub. This way, you can spot any product malfunctions that arise.


The new CityLine Paris spa combines a modern look with conventional values. Features new corner element design with durable, injection-molded consoles to give extra support. It has seven seating places, each with different massage systems. The best features of the Wellis Paris hot tub:

  • Smartphone App
  • WPS frame
  • Exlucsive LED lights
  • UV-C sanitizer
  • W-EC circulation pump
  • Audio system
  • Scandinavian insulation
  • Aromatherapy


The London hot tub with its innovative solutions (switchable shoulder and neck massage jets) provides a relaxing massage after a busy day. The 40 massage jets, the enhanced-power massage pumps, and aromatic therapy are all responsible for a relaxing massage experience. The best features of the Wellis London hot tub:

  • Smartphone App
  • WPS frame
  • Exlucsive LED lights
  • UV-C sanitizer
  • W-EC circulation pump
  • Audio system
  • Scandinavian insulation
  • Aromatherapy

Are you ready to get started on the very best European luxury spa experience in the United States? It’s time to see just what you’ve been missing! Locate your nearest Wellis USA dealer today. Then, schedule your test soak in their showroom to experience the different options of each spa model to see which one is perfect for you.

From in-spa music to aromatherapy, there are a plethora of options that can make your hot tub ownership experience absolutely amazing. And now that you know “how to control my hot tub with my phone,” there’s no going back. Your premier Wellis spa awaits.


How Hot Tubs with a Smartphone App Are More Energy Efficient

Many people care that when they invest in a hot tub, it should be energy efficient. You wouldn’t think it, but the hot tub with smartphone app is gentle on the environment, according to the following methods:

Remote temperature control

With a smartphone app, you can adjust the temperature of your hot tub remotely. This means you can heat up the water only when needed, reducing energy consumption during periods when the hot tub is not in use. This saves energy, as the hot tub does not run unnecessarily.

Energy-saving modes

Many hot tub apps offer energy-saving modes or scheduling options. These modes optimize the operation of the hot tub to minimize energy consumption. For instance, you can set specific operating hours or activate a sleep mode during periods of inactivity. By adjusting the filtration cycles, pump speed, and other settings, energy-saving modes help reduce power usage without compromising the overall hot tub experience.

Energy management features

Certain hot tub apps integrate with smart home systems or energy management platforms. This integration enables you to synchronize the hot tub’s operation with other energy-saving measures in your home. For example, you can coordinate the hot tub’s heating cycles with off-peak electricity rates or renewable energy sources, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing overall energy costs.

Insulation and cover reminders

Hot tub apps can provide reminders to ensure proper insulation and cover usage. Insulated hot tub covers help retain heat, reducing the energy required to maintain water temperature. The app can remind you to properly secure the cover when the hot tub is not in use, preventing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

While the smartphone app itself does not directly make the hot tub more energy efficient, it provides you with enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to make energy-conscious decisions and optimize the operation of your hot tub to reduce energy consumption.