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Design and Functionality: Exquisite Sanitary Ceramics for Contemporary Bathrooms

By August 14th, 2023News

Design and Functionality: Exquisite Sanitary Ceramics for Contemporary Bathrooms

Design and Functionality: Exquisite Sanitary Ceramics for Contemporary Bathrooms

The bathroom has undergone significant changes in recent years. It is no longer just a functional space where we carry out our everyday hectic tasks. Modern bathrooms are evolving into places of tranquility and relaxation, where we can rejuvenate and recharge. When designing bathrooms, it’s not only about comfort and aesthetics but also about the quality and functionality of the sanitary ceramics. In this article, we present to you the latest generation of stylish and high-quality sanitary products that perfectly fit into your home!

Premium sanitary products offer numerous advantages: They impress with their superior quality, durability, and increased comfort. At the same time, they are aesthetically appealing and guarantee excellent performance. Discover the style that suits you best!

Colored Sanitary Ceramics

Colored sanitary ceramics have been gaining popularity lately. This trend from the 80s and 90s has taken on a completely new look in the world of interior design. While in the past, colored sanitary ceramics were often combined with colorful patterned tiles, today’s preference leans more toward colorful fixtures or bathtubs paired with clear, homogeneous, and minimalist tiles.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist bathroom design is based on the principles of understatement, simplicity, and functionality. The goal of minimalism is to keep the space clean, uncluttered, and serene while minimizing unnecessary decoration and superfluous elements. The aesthetic shower enclosures and shower panels of this popular style trend are designed to meet all requirements.

Organic Style

At the heart of the organic bathroom style is the emphasis on natural materials and elements. This trend incorporates organic materials, plants, and warm, soft earth tones to create a balance against the hard, sober surfaces of the bathroom. The latest trends replace neutral, minimalist spaces with warmer, natural materials that evoke a more homely feeling. Earth tones take the forefront, and the use of wooden furniture in the bathroom is increasingly on-trend.

Home Massage Pools

Did you know that using a whirlpool not only provides a relaxing experience but also offers many health benefits? The pleasant combination of intense water jets and massage nozzles relaxes both body and mind. The Wellis premium Jacuzzi range is excellent in every way – discover our fantastic products!