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Tips for creating a premium garden kitchen

By July 18th, 2023News

Tips for creating a premium garden kitchen

Tips for creating a premium garden kitchen

The garden kitchen is the ideal place for summer barbecues and family and friend gatherings. As the weather approaches, many homeowners start planning how to get their garden and patio ready for the new season. Those who love outdoor cooking and feasting can imagine a beautiful garden kitchen. To make the best of the space you have, we will give you some inspiring ideas.

Baking, cooking outdoors

A garden table with chairs is useful in the garden, but the real thing is when we can also prepare food outside. An essential element of this equipment is the grill. The Coyote conjures up a complete kitchen in the garden with compositions of 6 or 7 ingredients. It comes with a grill and pizza oven, a corner and sink cupboard, and a BBQ oven. And if there is only one grill missing from your outdoor kitchen, the Cherokee Silver Quintet in silver and gray and 5 rose designs awaits you.

Construction of the garden kitchen

The rules for planning and building a garden kitchen are much more relaxed than indoors. However, it is worth paying attention to be able to create a real community space, so that baking, cooking and the table are not far from each other.

The surface of the kitchen should be designed in such a way that there is space for preparation and even washing up. Do not forget that the kitchen has a water supply. It is also worth buying the Coyote refrigerator so that cool drinks and ingredients are at your hand.

Let’s think about what kind of roof we want over the kitchen. It’s worth choosing something, because that way we can continue baking even if the weather turns bad. A pergola, sun sail, or many wooden roofs can provide shade and protection as well as adequate ventilation.

Final touches

It is worth taking care of some kind of light source. There is no need to install reflectors, it is often more atmospheric if only lanterns are lit. A spice garden nearby would come in handy. Rosemary, basil, mint, oregano, and sage do not require much care, they look aesthetically pleasing, they smell pleasant, and you don’t even need to buy them in the store if they are always nearby your hand.

We can also think about the placement of premium garden furniture, since relaxing and talking after grilling is more pleasant on a comfortable sofa than on chairs. A comfortable seating corner, for example from the Meridien collection, is the perfect choice. Also, if you can afford it, it is worth buying a hot tub, an essential accessory for truly unforgettable garden parties.