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„Be part of the Wellis experience!”

Our vision:

The Hungarian company that shapes the future of wellness from the heart of Europe.

Our mission:

Our highly qualified employees work passionately to deliver premium-looking and high-quality wellness solutions to our partners worldwide, which are manufactured using innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

The Experience of Nature campaign brought about a big change in the life of our undertaking and production technology. By reforming the production process of our hot tubs, we place great emphasis on environmental awareness as well as energy efficiency. Our aim is to provide our customers with a cost-effective solution with our brand new hot tub product line, which will be released in 2023, with which they can still experience the perfect relaxation in their own spa despite the current energy crisis. With our newly introduced product line, Wellis takes another step towards becoming the world’s leading hot tub manufacturer.

„Innovation – Quality – Performance”

Let us show you what Europe’s leading bubble bath manufacturer offers their customers.

Wellis uses a unique 6.3mm thick polyurethane reinforced acrylic material from Plascolite and Aristech (USA) to form the spa body. We partner with Canada-based Gecko Alliance Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of swimming pool pumps and control systems.

We guarantee a ten-year warranty on the shell, seven years on the acrylic surface and three years on the engineering.

Wellis’ factory units are located in the heart of Europe, enabling fast and safe delivery to the European market at an affordable price. We have an average of 5 to 10,000 swimming pools and more than 50,000 sanitary products in stock.

Our company has its own customer service. We provide professional training opportunities for our partners’ employees. Our company is one of the most innovative manufacturers, we represent ourselves in the hot tub market with many innovations and patents.

As a result of the work of recent years, Wellis has become the leading manufacturer of bubble baths in Europe and has entered the US market, the citadel of bubble bath production.

The company wants to focus on sustainability and maintain the production of top quality hot tubs. It is extremely important to us that our customers are satisfied, which is why we are constantly developing and shaping our company values.