Angular SMC high tray

  • SMC shower tray
  • draining valve + syphon



SMC is a soft polyester plate reinforced with special glass fibre, which is polymerized between the appropriate moulds at high temperature and pressure to achieve its final form and unique characteristics.

This manufacturing process – well-established in other fields such as space research, machinery and the automotive industry – has only recently been discovered by the bathroom segment, which has just begun to recognise its advantages compared to the materials and technologies previously used. Its durability and quality are constant, thanks to the impregnated fibre reinforcement, but it weighs half as much as cast marble trays with similar properties.

The rear-side ribbing reinforces the structure of the shower tray without adding considerable weight. The soft raw material ensures excellent moulding, resulting in a more aesthetic design than acrylic counterparts for sharp-corner SMC shower trays.

The shower tray made from SMC base material is impact-resistant with high crush, flexural and tensile strength. It does not crack, has unique thermal stability (no thermal expansion), resists chemicals, has great thermal insulation properties, can be cleaned simply and is, of course, water resistant.

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