Aral acrylic bathtub

Our Aral bathtub is best characterised as sophistication and straight design. It is a perfect choice for those who like traditional bathtubs, but it can also be a stylish accessory in a modern bathroom. The top quality acrylic bathtub can be important for bathers longing for peaceful moments and relaxation. Choose our Wellis bathtubs with a 10 year warranty for the tub body!

  • 3.2 mm thick acrylic bathtub body
  • synthetic resin-glass fiber reinforcement of the tub body
  • 20 mm thick plate reinforcement at the bottom
  • INCLUDED: leveling feet in a separate package, and tub rim fixing set

Aral 160
Size: 160×75×50 cm
Capacity: 195 l

Aral 170
Size: 170×75×50 cm
Capacity: 200 l

Aral 180
Size: 180×80×50 cm
Capacity: 225 l

The drain of the 1600x750x500 mm bathtub body is not located in the middle. Please contact the seller for more information!

OTH licence number: 46975-1/2021/LAB


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