Astro 90 corner shower wall

The fixed wall profile of the partially free-standing shower walls provides extra safety, while still preserving the feeling of freedom provided by the open space. Despite appearances, our Astro Corner shower wall is extremely stable and reliable; in addition, it is easy to clean thanks to the EasyClean coating.

  • 8 mm thick safety glass with Easy Clean surface treatment
  • Polished aluminium profile
  • Chrome-plated steel console
  • The supporting console can be cut to the appropriate size (length is 117 cm)
  • Right side and left side design
  • Easy Clean surface NEW!


Easy Clean surface

The new easy clean surface treatment makes it really easy to clean your shower cabin. This layer, which is added on the surface during the manufacture of the glass, prevents the deposition of stubborn lime scale stains and other contaminants.

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