Aura aromatherapy shower head

Aura aromatherapy shower head



The pleasant, fine fragrance of natural aromatic oils is equally relaxing for the body and the spirit.

Has chlorine-reducing properties

The Aroma Vitamin C filter removes 98% of residual chlorine from tap water, so you can shower in water almost totally free of chlorine!


The cartridge, containing concentrated Vitamin C, is so rich in the vitamin that it equals the Vitamin C content of 3000 lemons. It helps keep your hair and skin healthy!

Water-saving effect

The patented, triangle-shaped, water spray technology ensures 20-50% water savings, while increasing the water pressure compared to other shower heads.

Negative ion shower head

With its innovative triangle-shaped spray holes, the Aura shower head is capable of generating as much as 421,000 negative ions/cc. It equally revitalises the mind and the body.

Antibacterial effect and rust removal

The antibacterial ceramic filter installed within the shower head prevents bacterial growth. The microfabric filter removes all debris and rust.

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