Huron E-Max™

  • 3.2 mm thick acrylic bathtub body
  • synthetic resin fiberglass reinforcement on the tub body
  • with 20 mm thick plate reinforcement at the bottom
  • Framed leg structure
  • Bath plate + 1 side plate
  • Automatic overflow, drain valve + siphon
  • Plus gift: bathtub mounting kit
  • E-Drive™ massage system:
    • 6 Micro-jets V-Concept ™ back massage
    • 4 Midi jets side massage
    • 2 Midi jets foot massage
    • 10 jets whirlpool system
  • LCD display, digital touch control
  • pipe drying system
  • ozone water disinfection
  • water temperature maintenance system
  • FM radio
  • exclusive color therapy lighting: 11 LED-s on the side of the bathtub
  • security lock
  • Water volume: 260 l
  • Size: 180x80x62 cm

OTH licence number: 59217-2/2021/KTEF



Huron is a truly unique hydromassage tub with sleek lines, which fits even the most exclusive bathrooms. A mechanically-controlled massage system pampers the user after a tiring day.

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