Lipari wall-mounted smart toilet + tank

  • porcelain
  • bidet function
  • women’s intimate wash
  • child mode
  • adjusting the position and strength of the water jet
  • movable cleaning head
  • self-cleaning massage jet
  • One-button automatic function
  • hot air drying
  • instant waterheater
  • seat temperature control
  • automatic rinsing (including tank)
  • remote controller
  • night light
  • energy saving mode
  • soft close lid that closes slowly and noiselessly
  • rear discharge


What is a smart toilet? One might think that it is just a simple toilet with a built-in bidet function. Although this is partly true, there’s much more to it. Smart toilets provide complete comfort for the smallest room: the lid opens automatically when the built-in sensor detects movement. The pre-heating function ensures a constant comfortable temperature for the seat. Jet strength and water temperature can be adjusted as needed. A discreet night light helps sleepy family members to find their way at night, and does so in a water and energy-efficient way.

Our Lipari toilet tank provides an automatic flush function for smart toilets. You can choosemounting with a cover or in a partition wall; it is delivered completely preassembled and prepared for drywall installation.

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