Nera Maxi Hydro™

  • acrylic bath tub body
  • base structure with frame
  • 12 mm thick acrylic decor frame in black
  • tub front panel + 1 side cover
  • automatic drain and overflow grid + drain trap
  • V-concept™ back massage with 6 micro jets
  • side massage system with 4 midi jets
  • back massage system with 3 micro + 1 midi jet
  • foot massage system with 2 x 2 midi jets
  • 2 hydromassage motors
  • pneumatic control button
  • INCLUDED: tub rim fixing set


  • 18 jets
  • Capacity: 680 l
  • Size: 185×150×72,5 cm

OTH licence number: 59217-2/2021/KTEF


The Nera Maxi, with its 680-litre capacity, is a truly respectable bathtub in our product range. The option for exclusive colour therapy lighting can create a special atmosphere and assist the relaxation process. In addition to a number of accessories, the Nera Maxi bathtub is enhanced by a 12 mm thick black acrylic trim frame which makes it truly unique, and its digitally-controlled massage system brings a real bathing experience to you every day. Nobody will remain silent when they see this bathtub in your home.

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