Olivia wall-mounted toilet

The teardrop shape of our Olivia wall-mounted toilet gives it a truly unique look. Available in a deep flush version in white porcelain.

The price does not include the toilet seat!

  • porcelain
  • rimless toilet
  • Size: 36×48,5×36 cm


Hidden hinges

Both wall-mounted and floor-standing Wellis toilets are equipped with hidden hinges. There is only one tiny attachment point visible on the surface of the sanitary product. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, it also ensures easier and more hygienic cleaning.

Rimless toilet – rimless design

The most important feature of rimless toilets is that there are no unreachable areas, so they can easily be kept clean.

Precisely designed shape

The toilet bowl’s special design ensures that water will swirl around on the inside without splashing, and clean the entire inner surface.
Unlike standard rim flush toilets, rimless technology toilets have hidden fixtures, so you will no longer have to clean up the dirt settled on the mounting screws, and you won’t have to worry about deposits under the rim.
Thanks to the rimless design, it saves water, requires significantly less chemical cleaner and is a much more hygienic choice.
Maximum water flush capacity: 6-7 litres. The average noise load of standard rim flush toilets is 75-80 dB, and the average noise load of rimless toilets is 80-90 dB. It is recommended that you provide the pipes with sound insulation during installation.

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