Sophia monoblock toilet

Enjoy the comfort of the Sophia monoblock toilet – with its sturdy support, it is a great choice for anyone!

The price does not include the toilet seat!

  • 2 flush volumes
  • Size: 385x665x850 mm


2 flush volumes 4/6 l

Each of our monoblock toilets are available with a 4-6 litre choice of flushing volumes to help save precious water.

Hidden hinges

Both wall-mounted and floor-standing Wellis toilets are equipped with hidden hinges. There is only one tiny attachment point visible on the surface of the sanitary product. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, it also ensures easier and more hygienic cleaning.

S connecting pipe for toilets

Wastewater connecting converter module for floor-standing and monoblock Ditte and Clement toilets (from rear outflow to floor outflow).

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