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Stress Relief with Sauna Bathing

By August 1st, 2023News

Stress Relief with Sauna Bathing

Stress Relief with Sauna Bathing

One of the benefits of sauna bathing is stress relief. As soon as you enter a warm sauna, your body enters a different state. The increased temperature causes blood vessels to dilate, leading to improved blood circulation. This, in turn, releases tension in the body, providing instant relaxation.

Sauna Cycles

Sauna bathing typically follows a cyclic pattern, meaning that after approximately 15-20 minutes of heat, a cold shower or, according to Nordic tradition, immersion in ice-cold water follows. This cycle can be repeated based on the desired effect.

Sauna bathing has many positive effects on the body. It boosts the immune system, reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation, and improves skin quality. Sweating promotes weight loss and helps eliminate numerous toxins from the body. Thus, the sauna offers a multitude of health benefits.

Sauna Bathing for Stress Relief

Depending on the desired effect, you can repeat the sauna sessions 1 to 5 times. However, in most cases, more than 5 cycles are not recommended.

For stress relief, a relaxing sauna session with 3 or 4 cycles is recommended. This provides a high level of relaxation and is especially beneficial after mentally or physically demanding work. After the sauna, you should take at least 1-2 hours to continue to relax.

If you want to refresh during the day and prepare for the rest of the day, two sauna sessions followed by half an hour of relaxation are often sufficient. This will leave you feeling energized and rested. For intense physical or mental exertion, a single sauna cycle may be enough. If you plan to exercise, it is recommended to keep the cooling phase short to keep your muscles warm.

Common Types of Saunas

The two most common types of saunas today are the Finnish sauna and the infrared sauna. In the Finnish sauna, the traditional cabin is heated with a stove to approximately 70-100 degrees Celsius. The humidity is adjusted to 10-30% by pouring water onto hot stones. Due to the intense heat, it is recommended to reduce the time spent in the sauna to 10-15 minutes.

The infrared sauna directly heats the body with infrared rays and lowers the air temperature and humidity. It is less demanding on the body but leads to increased sweating. Unlike the Finnish sauna, the infrared sauna can be used daily, but it is recommended to use it only 2-3 times a week.

The Eclipse Hemlock Sauna features both a Finnish stove and infrared sauna heaters, allowing you to choose the sauna type that best suits your occasion or purpose.