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The Most Significant Pool and Hot Tub Trends for 2023

By August 2nd, 2023News

The Most Significant Pool and Hot Tub Trends for 2023

The Most Significant Pool and Hot Tub Trends for 2023

In recent years, the trend towards a conscious and economical lifestyle has gained significant momentum. This mindset is also reflected in the trends for hot tubs and pools. Modern, sustainable aquatic facilities combine health consciousness, comfort, and relaxation. Discover the biggest pool and hot tub trends of 2023!

Smart Features and Savings

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. Since hot tubs and pools require a substantial amount of water, it makes sense not to fill and drain them completely after each use. However, maintaining water quality is crucial, often achieved through the addition of chemicals. To be both convenient and cost-effective, smart devices like the W.I.S. Smart Water Analyzer have been developed. This device automatically regulates water quality with a minimal amount of chemicals, saving time and money for the owner.

Another aspect of this growing awareness is the increased utilization of natural resources. The heat pump heats the pool using ambient air, potentially saving up to 70-75% of costs. Likewise, using a thermal cover for the hot tub is practical to reduce water heat loss.

Promotion of Health

Our growing health consciousness also influences the trends in hot tubs and pools. These facilities can not only help us effectively manage stress but also promote physical activity. The Amazonas W-Flow Pool has been specifically designed for swimming enthusiasts, offering an optimal swimming experience.

The benefits of massage pools can be further enhanced through aromatherapy, promoting relaxation and well-being even more.

Garden Trends

Don’t forget about the rest of your garden! In addition to a hot tub or pool, it’s essential to create a cozy outdoor space with high-quality garden furniture and barbecue facilities. One of the most significant trends in this area lately has been modularity. There is a growing demand for individually designed stylish and comfortable furniture.

The Amor Set provides this modularity in the realm of furniture. To maximize the grilling experience, Coyote models offer the possibility to combine a grill, BBQ, and pizza oven with a refrigerator, gas oven, sink, and storage cabinet.

With these features, you can easily create the perfect conditions for relaxation and tranquility in your garden!