E120 household water softener equipment

Ideal for households of 5-6 people, above 15 m3 water consumption and for very high water hardness (above 20°dH).

  • Performance: 1,7-2 m3/hour
  • 1″ connection
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • 30 litres of high quality resin
  • Built-in bypass valve – making water hardness easy to adjust
  • Best value for money

Drinking water safety licence number: 33722-9/2021/KTEFOKI/NKK
Expert opinion number: 54031-1/2021/LAB


Cleanliness above all!

Showering in soft water ensures an exceptional experience but, primarily, this device increases the lifetime of wellness products and sanitary equipment in your bathroom by preventing early scaling.

With the use of less detergent and no water softener additives, your clothes will be cleaner and retain their natural softness and colour.  The time you spend on cleaning off limescale is significantly reduced, since you only need to gently wipe down delicate surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom once.

Softened water makes food taste better and coffee more flavoursome! When making excellent tea or coffee, not only good quality raw materials but also good quality water is essential. Water that is too hard can ruin the flavour and aroma of even the finest tea. What’s more, soft water can enhance the flavour of ordinary tea!

After washing with soft water, your dishes and glasses will dry without drops!

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